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Blooming Gel 15mlBlooming Gel 15ml
RFB Exclusive
Blooming Gel 15ml Sale price€12,00
Base Coat 15ml
RFB Exclusive
Base Coat 15ml Sale price€15,00
Dalmatian Non-Wipe Top Coat 15mlDalmatian Top Coat
Metamorphosis Non-Wipe Top Coat 15ml · BlueMetamorphosis Non-Wipe Top Coat 15ml · Blue
Metamorphosis Non-Wipe Top Coat 15ml · PinkMetamorphosis Non-Wipe Top Coat 15ml · Pink
Save €9,00Gel Tips Russian Almond · 250pcsGel Tips Russian Almond · 250pcs
RFB Exclusive
Gel Tips Russian Almond · 250pcs Sale price€29,95 Regular price€38,95
Gel Tips Coffin Short · 600pcsGel Tips Coffin Short · 600pcs
Gel Tips Coffin Medium · 600pcsGel Tips Coffin Medium · 600pcs
Gel Tips Coffin Long · 500pcsGel Tips Coffin Long · 500pcs
Gel Tips Coffin XL · 500pcsGel Tips Coffin XL · 500pcs
Gel Tips Almond Medium · 500pcsGel Tips Almond Medium · 500pcs
Gel Tips Almond Long · 500pcsGel Tips Almond Long · 500pcs
Gel Tips Square Medium · 600pcsGel Tips Square Medium · 600pcs
Gel Tips Stiletto Long · 500pcsGel Tips Stiletto Long · 500pcs
True Black 15ml · G001True Black 15ml · G001
Perfect White 15ml · G002Perfect White 15ml · G002
Marilyn 15ml · G003Marilyn 15ml · G003
Baby Pink 15ml · G038Baby Pink 15ml · G038
Pearl Ciél 15ml · G032Pearl Ciél 15ml · G032
Sparkle Pink 15ml · G013Sparkle Pink 15ml · G013
Magnetite 15ml · G054Magnetite 15ml · G054
Disco Ball 15ml · G044Disco Ball 15ml · G044
Frost Lila 15ml · G042Frost Lila 15ml · G042
Pale Pink 15ml · G037Pale Pink 15ml · G037