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With over 150 Kiara Sky Dip Powder colors to choose from, your manicure possibilities are endless! 

Book Now your Seminar by calling us at 99041304 or click BOOK NOW to fill the contact form and we will call you ASAP!
- Dip Powders Seminar duration is 7.5 hours and is ONE day.
- Dip Powders Seminar includes in the price kit with all the products needed.
- Dip Powders Seminar is available ONLY for professional technicians.

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Clear 56gr - Dip Powder
D404 - Skin ToneD404 - Skin Tone
Kiara Sky
D404 - Skin Tone Sale price€17,00
D405 - You Make Me BlushD405 - You Make Me Blush
D407 - Pink SlippersD407 - Pink Slippers
Kiara Sky
D407 - Pink Slippers Sale price€17,00
D409 - D'LilacD409 - D'Lilac
Kiara Sky
D409 - D'Lilac Sale price€17,00
D410 - ChinchillaD410 - Chinchilla
Kiara Sky
D410 - Chinchilla Sale price€17,00
D413 - High MintenanceD413 - High Mintenance
D415 - Skies The LimitD415 - Skies The Limit
D419 - Cocoa CoralD419 - Cocoa Coral
Kiara Sky
D419 - Cocoa Coral Sale price€17,00
D421 - Trophy WifeD421 - Trophy Wife
Kiara Sky
D421 - Trophy Wife Sale price€17,00
D422 - Pink LipstickD422 - Pink Lipstick
Kiara Sky
D422 - Pink Lipstick Sale price€17,00
D424 - I'm Not Red-E YetD424 - I'm Not Red-E Yet
D425 - Glamour 101D425 - Glamour 101
Kiara Sky
D425 - Glamour 101 Sale price€17,00
D426 - FireballD426 - Fireball
Kiara Sky
D426 - Fireball Sale price€17,00
D429 - Secret Love AffairD429 - Secret Love Affair
D431 - Cream D' NudeD431 - Cream D' Nude
Kiara Sky
D431 - Cream D' Nude Sale price€17,00
D432 - CEOD432 - CEO
Kiara Sky
D432 - CEO Sale price€17,00
D433 - Strike GoldD433 - Strike Gold
Kiara Sky
D433 - Strike Gold Sale price€17,00
D434 - StylelettoD434 - Styleletto
Kiara Sky
D434 - Styleletto Sale price€17,00
D435 - Black to BlackD435 - Black to Black
Kiara Sky
D435 - Black to Black Sale price€17,00
D436 - Vegas VoltD436 - Vegas Volt
Kiara Sky
D436 - Vegas Volt Sale price€17,00
D437 - Time For A SelfieD437 - Time For A Selfie
D443 - New Yolk CityD443 - New Yolk City
Kiara Sky
D443 - New Yolk City Sale price€17,00
D445 - Grape Your AttentionD445 - Grape Your Attention



We have countless dip powder nail colors available that feature the latest trends and styles. Kiara Sky's high-quality dip powder is cruelty-free and proudly made in the USA. Our style experts create up-to-date professional dip powder colors that are a fun way to express your creative self. Powder nail dip colors include various finishes such as cream, glitter, matte glitter, neon, sheer, and shimmer. Depending on what look you’re going for, there is the perfect shade for you that will quickly become your new go-to dip color. Discover the latest trends in dip powder nail colors and find the perfect additions to your dip powder collection.