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1. Duration and Commencement of the Warranty
- The warranty for professional equipment is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase indicated on the invoice.
- This warranty covers construction defects and defects resulting from normal use within the warranty period.
- In case of claiming the warranty, a proof of purchase is required, such as a copy of receipt / invoice, together with warranty card if the product have on.

2. Content and scope of the Warranty
- Applies to new machines.
- Within the period of the warranty provided and if it meets the terms and conditions, for errors related to the material, assembly or construction of the product, we provide either free repair, or return to normal operation without charge for spare parts or work, or replacement.
- For repairs within the warranty period we do not bear any costs for borrowed replacement machines.
- The company does not recognize any lost profit from the non-operation of the machine due to failure, or any claim for damages beyond the rights set forth herein.
- The warranty period is not extended or starts from the beginning, after the placement of any spare part or improvement is done free of charge during the warranty period.
- If a machine purchased from R. F. Beauty Experts Ltd which the warranty is already valid, the warranty rights are transferred to the new owner from the time of sale.

3. Warranty Exceptions and Limitations
The warranty is canceled in the following cases:
- Normal corruption.
- Spare parts and accessories that wear out normally during use.
- Incomplete maintenance.
- Damage caused during transport.
- Damage caused by dropping of the product.
- Damage caused by incorrect installation or installation (eg non-observance of safety warnings or installation instructions).
- Damage caused by power failure, phase loss, voltage fluctuation, or voltage supply other than indicated.
- Use not in accordance with the purpose and specifications of the machine (eg professional use of consumer products).
- Damage caused by incorrect use of the machine (which does not comply with the instructions for use).
- Damage caused by the use of spare parts or components not manufactured by the manufacturer or damage resulting from intervention (adjustment, installation, reconstruction, repair) carried out by unauthorized crews.
- Damage caused by accident, fire, extreme weather events, etc.
- Damage caused by negligence or poor storage and maintenance of a machine (which does not comply with its instructions for use).
- Damage caused by different-poor assembly of the machine (which does not comply with the instructions for use).
- Damage resulting from a bad or incorrect setting other than the user manual setup instructions.
- Damage or malfunction resulting from improper cleaning of the machine from dust, liquids, etc., as well as damage resulting from contact of the machine with chemical liquids or materials to which it has no resistance, or damage from moisture, corrosion, etc.
- If the label is removed from the product.

4. Obligations of buyers
In order for the buyer to obtain the benefits of the warranty, he must observe the following:
- Provide the invoice or proof of purchase.
- In case of failure, the transport costs of the machine that will have to be repaired within the warranty period, will be borne by the buyer.