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How to Use Acryl Gel


How to Use Acryl Gel:
1a. Use a Nail File to prepare the nail surface.
1b. Use a Nail File to shape the nail.
1c. Apply Primer to dehydrate the surface.
1d. Apply the Clear Rubber Base and cure*.
2. Take adequate amount (like pea) of the Acryl Gel with the Acryl Gel Brush.
3. Dip the Acryl Gel Brush into the Acryl Gel Liquid.
4-5. Apply the Acryl Gel averagely on the Dual Form with the Acryl Gel Brush.
6. Stick the Dual Form with the Acryl Gel to your nail and cure* 60'' on top side - 60" underneath.
7. Remove the Dual Form and wipe the sticky surface with Cleanser.
8. Use the Nail File to shape the nail. Then apply the Top Coat and cure*.
9. Complete.

*Cure with LED Lamp (1 minute) or with UV Lamp (2 minutes). 

How to Remove:

Remove with Nail Drill Machine/E-file