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Balm Mint & Tangerine Hair Conditioner 300ml

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This natural balancing conditioner is formulated to replenish dry and damaged hair. It contains essential oil of balm mint to nourish, and essential oil of tangerine to stimulate the scalp, smooth and add shine to your hair. This conditioner is suitable for men and women and for all hair types including dry and coloured hair. Formulated without parabens, sodium lauryl/laureth sulphates, artificial colour and fragrance for natural conditioning. New Zealand made.


  • Balm mint to nourish and tangerine to stimulate the scalp
  • No parabens, synthetic colour or fragrance
  • Suitable for the whole family
  • Made in New Zealand


All skin types.

Made in New Zealand
Balm Mint & Tangerine Hair Conditioner 300ml
Balm Mint & Tangerine Hair Conditioner 300ml Sale price€14,40 Regular price€18,00



Sodium lauryl sulfate (sodium laurosulfate) known as SLS, is a synthetic petroleum derivative that creates the foam in shampoo. Thanks to its low price, almost all shampoo companies have added it to their products, since marketing convinced us that a good shampoo should have a lot of foam! Also, it is a very active cleaner and effective in removing stains from clothes and surfaces. It is widely used in various detergents, but also in personal care products such as shampoos, toothpastes, etc.

Here are ten reasons why a conscious consumer should avoid products containing SLS:

  1. It is the number one culprit for skin irritations. When cosmetics companies test the healing properties of a lotion, they first need to irritate the skin. What do they use for it? But of course SLS! If you suffer from dandruff, dermatitis, mouth ulcers (canker sores) or other skin conditions, SLS is likely to blame.
  2. It pollutes the water table. It is highly toxic to fish and marine life. It also accumulates in the water supply pipes and by extension in the tap water of our home.
  3. It is actually an insecticide and pesticide. It is widely used to kill insects and plants. SLS manufacturers in the US have recently taken steps to include SLS in the approved insecticides used in organic agriculture. Their application was rejected due to SLS's destructive effects on the environment.
  4. Gives off toxic gases when heated. Toxic sodium oxides and sulfate oxides are released when SLS is heated. When you go to take a hot shower with shampoo that contains SLS, you might want to think again…
  5. It has corrosive properties. According to the American College of Toxicity, it causes damage to the fats and proteins that make up the skin and muscles. SLS is found in garage floor cleaners, car lubricants and car wash detergents.
  6. Long-term penetration into body tissues. A study by the University of Georgia School of Medicine showed that SLS has the potential to penetrate the eyes, brain, heart and liver.
  7. It is irritating to the eyes. It is responsible for cataracts in adults and has been shown to prevent proper eye development in children.
  8. Contains solvents and nitrates. Toxic solvents such as carcinogenic nitrates are used in the manufacture of SLS, traces of which remain in the product.
  9. Its production process itself causes enormous pollution, since carcinogenic substances and other particles are released into the atmosphere.
  10. It helps other chemicals enter the body. SLS is a Trojan Horse since its molecules can easily penetrate the cell membranes of the body and with its help, other toxic chemicals found in the product easily penetrate our cell membranes.