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Gel Scrub Cool Cappuccino 800gr


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Gel Scrub perfectly soothes and firms the skin. Contains volcanic rock particles, Aloe Vera, microscopic Jojoba beads and Sea kelp. Jojoba Beads are perfectly smooth, so they work with the skin very gently and can be used for very sensitive skin. Peeling effectively removes all impurities from the pores and prepares the skin for better absorption of nutrients. It moisturize the skin in natural way, delivering proteins and minerals that revitalize, nourish, firm and stimulate the skin regenerations.

Use: Gently massage into wet skin, focusing on callused areas. Use pedicure rasp if needed. Gently rinsing feet with warm water. Finish with pedicure lotion.

For professional use only
With Organic Ingredients

Made in Poland

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