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Halfmoon File 100/100 - 25pcs

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Shape & File flawlessly! These 100 grit nail files are slightly coarse and perfect for all your nail needs throughout your nail set! Use these Kiara Sky nail files to perfectly shape the sidewalls and free edge of your nails, reshape or shorten nail extensions, and remove product for quick and easy soak-off removal! These halfmoon nail files are comfortable to hold and great for shaping outside the nail as well as working around the cuticle area as this shape lowers the risk of irritation to the area. 

"Kiara Sky Professional Nails collection of high-quality nail tools are the foundation to every nail set! Whether prepping the nails for flawless nail enhancement application, shaping the perfectly sculpted set or removing product with ease, Kiara Sky’s Nail Essentials are the key to achieving your next best look. Indulge in professional-grade products tried and tested to deliver salon-style results!"

Made in the USA

Halfmoon File 100/100 - 25pcs
Halfmoon File 100/100 - 25pcs Sale price€25,00 Regular price€37,50