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Wax Heater Machine

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Bottom Heating
Using the bottom heading the wax rate is about 1/3 times faster than the traditional product.
Temperature Control
Adopt the intelligent temperature control technology. It can precisely control the temperature by 1°C from + and - buttons or select Solid Wax button to set direct 85°C or Canned button to set direct 75°C. It shows you the current temperature until it reached the selected.
LCD Screen Display
Big LCD screen display for clearly reading the temperature.
Touch Buttons
Using the six touch buttons its operation is quite flexible.
Inner Liner
The wax inner liner has a humanized handle design, which is safe and easy to clean. The inner liner is detachable. The inner pan is ware-resistant
Dual Uses
Used with Solid Wax or with Canned Wax.

Model: Smart Wax
Power: 100W
Capacity: 500ml
Maximum Temperature: 120˚C
Support: Beans for solid wax & Canned Wax (2-in-1)
Dimensions ( L x W x H ): 15.70 x 15.70 x 14.50 cm

In the Box:
1 x Smart Wax Heater Machine
1 x Cup for Beans
1 x Manual