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Zemits HyaTight 500ml

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For professional use only

RF lifting gel with hyaluronic acid

  • Triple action: moisturising, protection and nutrition
  • Created for electrical therapies
  • Active ingredients in combination: hyaluronic acid, extracts of liquorice root and bladder wrack, panthenol, vitamin B3
  • Rich texture: one bottle is enough for up to 30 RF treatments
  • Protects against thermal effects and improves the gliding of the handpiece
  • Buy Zemits HyaTight RF skin tightening gel - enhance the results of the anti-ageing treatments for your clients

Rich natural composition for unique treatments

Zemits presents HyaTight RF device-based lifting gel with hyaluronic acid, which will make the lifting procedure as comfortable as possible, deeply moisturize the skin, make it smooth and soft.
The natural composition of the gel softens and nourishes the skin and soothes the effects of high temperatures.
It is enriched with hyaluronic acid, seaweed extract and vitamin B3 - the best composition to achieve regenerative and anti-age effects.

Zemits HyaTight 500ml
Zemits HyaTight 500ml Sale price€45,00
Comfortable smell and texture

Rich and natural composition
for exceptional treatments


A powerful antioxidant which has a softening and anti-inflammatory effect, cleaning and brightening the skin


A powerhouse ingredient able to hold 1000 times more moisture than water, provides a protective barrier on the skin, nourishing and regenerative effects, preventing moisture loss, improves skin structure and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.


Has a strong antioxidant effect, improves microcirculation thus improving complexion, prevents allergic reactions and tissue damage, relieves inflammation, rejuvenates the skin - increasing its firmness and elasticity.


Helps the skin to build up a barrier against irritation and water loss, moisturizes and soothes the skin.


Promotes moisture penetration into the deeper layers of the skin.


Also known as Niacinamide, an effective anti-aging ingredient, B3 promotes surface skin cell turnover and exfoliation, has anti-inflammatory properties, supports hydration as well as strengthens the skin barrier.


  • The gel is used with the RF lifting procedure
  • Natural and enriched composition protects and moisturizes the skin
  • The gel minimizes the effects of heat on the skin and soothes it after the procedure
  • Enriched with hyaluronic acid and vitamin B3 - for an additional anti-aging effect
  • Gel Zemits HyaTight 500 ml can be used for 30 procedures


Use conductive gel for instrumental procedures.
Apply the gel in an even layer onto cleansed facial skin. Apply the gel again if necessary. Remove the gel and cleanse your face. Finally, apply the cream according to the skin type.