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Hand Mask (3+1 FREE)

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RFB Exfoliating Hand Mask (in gloves) 3+1 FREE

Relax and take care of your hands with the Hand Mask, enriched with natural rose essence. Its powerful ingredients quickly replenish moisture and nutrients, to leave hands looking brighter and feeling softer and more moisturized, while also aiding in skin renewal. With reliable ingredients such as glycerol, lactic acid, lavender oil, aloe extract, and more, you can trust this mask to have you feeling pampered and refreshed.

1. Do not use this product, if you are pregnant or nursing.
2. Do not apply to wounds or damaged skin.
3. If the skin has irritating reaction, please stop use.
4. Please store in a cool place and keep away from children.
Hand Mask (3+1 FREE)
Hand Mask (3+1 FREE) Sale price€24,00 Regular price€32,00