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Replacement Brushes x4

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Keep your brush bottles in perfect working order with our replacement brush packs! Our bottles are ingeniously crafted to allow the use to easily remove and replace the brush applicator when needed.


Caring for your products is the key to making them last.

Need to keep your Dip Powder Kit as good as new? Your Kiara Sky Brush Saver, bottle #6, in your Dip Powder Starter Kit is your new best friend!

Have a set of replacement brushes you need to swap out for some old, dirty, or hardened brushes in your Dip Powder Starter Kit? These handy brushes are extremely easy to replace in just a few simple steps!

How to care for your Kiara Sky Brush Saver:

  • Step #1
    Begin by removing the cap from the bottle that needs a replacement brush and cleaning the brush and wand as much as possible with a lint-free wipe.
  • Step #2
    While holding the brush with a lint free wipe, wiggle the brush back and forth so it can start to loosen up at the base. Gently wiggle it back and forth until you hear a popping sound and feel it come out.

    If the base of your old brush seems to be stuck in the cap, add a few drops of acetone inside the cap and allow this to sit for a few minutes to soften the product. Afterward, you will be able to remove the stuck cap with a pair of cuticle nippers.
  • Step #3
    Your last step is easy, simply place your new replacement brush inside the bottle cap and close your bottle shut so it can pop into place! And voilà! You have a fresh, clean brush to keep creating beautiful dip powder manicures.

Pro Tip: To keep your brushes clean and to avoid them becoming stiff with product buildup, always use the Kiara Sky Brush Saver in between applications to keep these replacement brushes in prime condition!

Replacement Brushes x4
Replacement Brushes x4 Sale price€3,00