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Collagen Mask x5 · 40gr/pc

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Natural biology essence absorbed by sunshine and water to exchange into large amount of trace elements, essence, cellulose, and amino acid.

The collagen extracted from biology essence helps to repair skin, the essence can be absorbed easily by skin to whiten and improve sensitive skin, remove wrinkle and making skin look whitening, smooth and tender.

Product Efficacy:
Collagen helps against dryness of skin, it can penetrate deeply into skin and moisturize skin for 24 hours, locking moisture to make tender and smooth skin.

Anti-Aging, Acne Treatment, Removing Wrinkle, Depth Replenishment, Helps against dryness of skin, Moisturize skin for 24hours, Make tender and smooth skin, Locking Moisture, Whitening.

Collagen Mask x5 · 40gr/pc
Collagen Mask x5 · 40gr/pc Sale price€25,00